Lenovo ThinkBook series

13X Gen 2 & 13S Gen 4


The ThinkBook series consists of sleek and lightweight business laptops. The ThinkBook 13X features an ultra-thin and portable body, while the ThinkBook 13S offers long-lasting battery life and a variety of connectivity options, meeting users' needs for mobile productivity.

The a-cover is made of aluminum alloy and features a dual-color anodized sandblasting technique. The side wall of the 13X is fully polished, while the 13S is adorned with a diamond-cut design on the edges, revealing some aluminum material. These different methods create understated yet luxurious details.

The body is crafted from a full aluminum alloy, combining a clean and neutral appearance with personalized features. The D-cover, with its large area of dot matrix processing for ventilation holes, and the 13X, with its narrow bezel layout for the C-cover keyboard, while concealing wireless charging contacts in the rubber foot.

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2020 - 2022

Coordinator / Executor

Dennis Chen


Project lead
Industrial design
Design for manufacture
ID mockup fabrication
Product quality control
Color deviation control