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I am an industrial designer with years of experience in product design and ODM, committed to creating reliable and user-friendly products for users. I usually observe people's daily lives by paying close attention to details, and discovering inspiration and needs through listening. With extensive knowledge in design and mass production manufacturing, I ensure that the product appearance and functionality are seamlessly integrated, providing a comfortable user experience.

I'm eager to explore new fields, bring design and technology together to achieve breakthroughs. I look forward to having the opportunity to join you and cowork with teams to strive for a better future.


2020 - 2022

Senior Industrial Designer


Responsible for ODM / OEM projects executions, cooperated clients included Lenovo, Dell, Xiaomi… etc.

Managed projects involving consumer / commercial / education laptop, AIO, gaming desktop, conference speaker, VR glass, docking station.

As a project leader to collaborate with cross-functional teams , providing overall management, decision-making, and guidance from concept development to manufacturing stage.

Concept and design proposals, innovative concepts and design ideation for the next generations of products.

New design topic exploration, user behavior research, and market trend analysis to build the user scenario and find insight from pain points.

2018 - 2020

Junior Industrial Designer


Collaborate with various functional departments, considering the feasibility and production efficiency of the product.

Evaluate new material selection, ensuring the manufacturing process and compliance with relevant regulatory tests.

Manage the progress of product development and solve issues related to product design and manufacturing in later stages.

2016 - 2017

Master degree in department of Industrial Design

Tatung University

Multiple experiences of international design workshops :

Use design thinking tools to explore insights and develop solutions, enhancing design skills by cross-cultural collaboration.

The member of first and second NTU D School x Smart Aging Alliance team :

Cooperated with Agin 2.0 , as a facilitator to promote design thinking and assist the group to develop products.

Industry-academy cooperation experiences :

Gain the practical knowledge and skills through cooperation, ultimately helping to develop a more well-rounded and practical set of solutions.

Master’s Thesis : A Study of Somatosensory-Evoked P300, SW and Semantics Elicited by Haptic-Stimulation of Operation Button Shapes and Haptic Texture-Using Single Key Handhold Device as an Example.

2011 - 2015

Bachelor degree in department of Industrial Design

Tatung University

The director of student association of ID department :

Lead and coordinate the organization, serving as a bridge to facilitate communication and interaction between the school administration and students.

The director of TTU Young Designers Exhibition :

Collaborating with individuals from various backgrounds, as the organizer to manage the overall plan and lead the group to complete the exhibition.


Industrial Design Intern


Study of wood-related materials and exploration of creative wood products.

Development and implementation of machine and tool skills for creating delicate handmade products.