Lenovo Legion

Legion Tower Concept


This desktop features a military-inspired and rugged design. Its frame is made of aluminum alloy, and the overall color scheme is matte black. The front panel is adorned with multiple angular designs, complemented by metal mesh and LED light strips. The computer is equipped with various perforated grilles, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and efficient hardware cooling.

Early market analysis and product research determine target market needs and product features, while using an Image board in the early stages of design helps visualize and communicate design concepts. The team has clearer guidelines and can anticipate the correct direction for later design decisions in the product development process.

The chassis includes a glass side panel for showcasing internal hardware components. It features multiple customizable LEDs and strategically placed ventilation openings and heat vents on the top, side panels, and rear panel, providing efficient cooling and a futuristic, high-tech ambiance.

This desktop computer features customizable light strips on the front panel, allowing users to showcase their personal style. It also has a sliding cover interface on the top for a clean appearance and easy access when needed. Additionally, the top of the device includes wireless charging, combining design and functionality in one product.






Dennis Chen


Concept development
Industrial design
User experience
Color, material and finish