Lenovo & ThinkPad

Comference Dock


The Conference Dock is an all-in-one workstation dock that offers multiple connectivity options and configurations, along with integrated calling features. Users can easily switch between external devices, effortlessly expand their workspace, and streamline their office environment, reducing desktop clutter. It assists remote workers in enhancing productivity and work efficiency.

Early market analysis and product research determine target market needs and product features, while using an Image board in the early stages of design helps visualize and communicate design concepts. The team has clearer guidelines and can anticipate the correct direction for later design decisions in the product development process.

The light-colored version enhances a warm and comforting lifestyle feel through fabric material, bringing users closer to technology. The dark-colored version features dot matrix printing to decorate the speaker holes, combined with the classic ThinkPad color scheme. It adds red footpads at the bottom, enhancing the details and ingenuity within the understated and sophisticated business look.

The design incorporates sleek and streamlined elements to create a modern look. With the use of a wedge-shaped frame, it balances visual slimness and practicality with multiple interfaces. The product also includes a hidden cable management system, allowing for a cleaner and more organized setup when on the move.




2020 - 2021


Dennis Chen


Project lead
Concept development
Innovative design
User interface design
Color, material and finish
Design for manufacture